Event: Acara Marathon

Running Organizer
Bintaro Jaya Half Marathon is a Marathon and Running Event that organized by collaboration between independent (includes PWM) and Bintaro Jaya – as an area provider for the Marathon and Running Event. The event, held on August 19 2018, themed #runforlife.

Aim: “To be the one of the successful Marathon and Running Event that held by non-government, or in other words, be acknowledged by the networks as one of the fascinating running event.”

Execution: “All aspects covered – both in terms of publication (ex. media coverage) and medical supports.”

As one of our project supports, the implementation of Bintaro Jaya Half Marathon is well-planned and structured. We got challenge that the event should be covered in all aspects, such as medical supports, securities supports, media coverage, etc.; in a mission to achieve maximum potential target

By the process to achieve, we have prepared all the details we need, including generating the event’s theme. Then, we had to get all the permits we need in doing running event. Only then, we handled social media and other marketing tactics to promote the event. After all, once things were prepared well, we monitored; ensured all the activities run smoothly according to what have been planned.

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