Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai

Event: Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai
Client : Pemerintah
Date : –

“Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai”
“Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai” is an activity directed by the Ministry of Communication and Information in collaborating with BNPT of Indonesia. The event took place at Islamic Center of Sumedang, on October 27 2018. Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai purposed to provide counseling about radicalism, which over time, radicalism had a tendency to be negative.

Aim: “As an educational event, which targets all levels of society in counteracting radicalism and terrorism.”

Execution: “We all knew that people have a lack of interest to educational events; required us to be more aggressive in terms of publicity, especially relying on various platforms to be able to reach the broadest target audience. Every detail had to be managed well.”

With the advent of digital media, information become out-of-control. “Stop Radikalisme NKRI Damai” had a mission to avoid society from the negative impact of using digital media; as the primary goals are avoiding society from practical of radicalism and terrorism.

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