Bela Negara

Event: Acara Gebyar Aksi Bela Negara
Client : Pemerintah
Date : 20 Juni 2017

Bela Negara
Bela Negara, located in Manado, North Sulawesi. Bela Negara is an event carried out by the local government to provide entertainment for the local
community. Bela Negara invited several government authorities, cops, TNI of North Sulawesi, and Defense Minister of Indonesia.

Aim: “Entertainment for the local community, as well as for local authorities. Focus on fun; prioritize each audience’s pleasure”

Execution: “Prioritizing to fun, doesn’t mean forget to the details. Every curve should be organized.”

Inviting everyone involved in fun is one of the things that is hard to do. But the key point is, persuade them, then make them dissolve toward the event. To realize them, should be executed by professionals, and should be monitored every single time to avoid problems. If happened, there is a need to generate creative thinking and do it.

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