Event: Acara ANTV

It is one of the greatest event held by ANTV as a festival of its 25th birthday celebration. ANTV anniversary was celebrated in March 2018, and was held in two major cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and Surabaya. Jakarta, took place in Convention Ecopark; Surabaya, took place in Dermaga Armada Koarmatim. Concerned to the celebration, the guest star of the event was Via Vallen, Padi Reborn, Zaskia Gotik, Wali Band, etc.; stars of Chandranandini series and Jodoh Wasiat Bapak series were enlivened the celebration party.

Aim: “Bring up the atmosphere of festivity; atmosphere of euphoria on the 25th ANTV anniversary. Fill up the celebration with joyful ambience to all of the audiences”

Execution: “Concern to all details, ensure all details have been prepared well. Bigger event, bigger parties involved. The main point is to keep all parties

The implementation needs extra energy. Changing in the middle of the event happened several times, so as well need extra energy to think and do improvise.