Activation defined as form brand promotion activities. Activations interact intimately with their users, and purpose to attract their users’ attention. The communication builds up to reach an emotional relationship; touch the users feeling. Then, that must be a long-term relationship and will gain loyal-users.

Activations can be done by various activities, both online and offline. Online can be done through online media such as by doing some giving away/quiz, while offline through doing an event. Both online and offline, the main effect is similar; building brand awareness, increasing the numbers of consumer to test our products, and build a strong relationship with the users.


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Great events lead its user to feel the brand experiences. Great event also drive users to know the name of brand better and it also helps users recalling the brand – once they feel the services…


If you want to create big news, you require a big plan too. Establishing the right messages will be affect to your sales. Once you got the momentum, there will be a lot of good things are awaiting…


We all know what events are; we know what the campaign is. When these two words come together, the whole becomes greater and impactful. Event campaign is a planned, structured promotion; with aiming of influencing one individual or group’s attitudes and opinions…


You can rebrand and relaunch, but how to activate your brand? Every brand runs marketing campaigns, but not every single brand knows how to engage with its users. This is where brand activation comes to need to take place…


Holding a press conference is a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. As with public speaking, press conference needs to be prepared: the material and must be packaged well. If you get it right, it could be a significant coverage for our great partners. If you get it wrong, you will end up with negative coverage or not at all.


Have been handling meeting, incentive, conferences, and exhibitions. All of four are our main capabilities, and we are open for any client’s request: includes utilizing the existing budget. Teamed up and executed by energetic and professional…