We are Putra Wijaya Mediatama (PWM)
Putra Wijaya Mediatama (PWM) was founded in the early of 2017 as a leading media agency in Indonesia – focusing on advertising and event activations. As one of the new fast-growing companies, we are dedicated to bring up high performance-oriented environment, both in terms of service and fulfillment of partner satisfactions. Teamed up by Millenial thoughts; enthusiastic to deliver special things with our new perspective. We are dynamic, versatile, and creative.


driven by creative minds

Freshly Brewed

on delivering the methods

On Time

on delivering result


for your problems

Driven by creative minds
Young, talented, and passionate teams. We are fully working to create significant communications between individual and brands through multiplatform in creative ways.

Built up powerful advertising
Relying on creative and strategic thoughts in the process of creating and assisting partners to realize advertising with powerful messages.

Discover Strategic Plan
As one of our in-house capabilities, we able to generate a strategic plan, which speaks about how to reach your right target market; then how to get them click to you. We make it shaped and measurable – how effective the strategic plan was.

Media Planning Optimization
We ensure a great outline; lead our great partners to achieve maximum effect through traditional and modern platform combined.

Able to Understand the Given Concept
We are able to avoid the occurrence of error that generally became a major issue in the implementation of the event.

1. Discovery

Our initial process, we figure out our partner’s environment: internal, external, and competitors. We are looking inside to their philosophy, brand culture, and goals.

2. Insights

We are collecting data, doing research, and manage to work on creating conceptual design. Once upon the data obtained, we build up our thoughts; generating moodboards for the looks of the design ambience.

3. Strategy experience

This phase is where we manage to hand-in-hand with our partner in developing the ideas, matching to their objectivities.

4. Implementation

Once the preparation completed, now we start to bring the project to life. We are ensuring the process is in accordance to what have been planning. If there is something needed to be changed in the middle of process, we provide an alternative way to make it still on-track by using of our partner approval.

5. Evaluation

We supervise our projects and monitor how the program has been run. If needed, we also provide details and give advice if there is a thing that runs not according to plan.